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Wix Stores Shipping Options, explained

As a Wix Web Designer, I have a lot of clients using Wix Stores for their online stores. Beyond setting up products and the store pages, one of the main things that has to be setup as part of the online store is shipping. Wix Stores offers various Shipping options to choose from, including:

Wix Stores Shipping Options

Rate by Weight: lets you setup weight for your products, and then charge a flat rate based on the total weight of the calculated order. You can setup various weights and pricing so that heavier items have higher shipping costs.

Free Shipping: allows you to offer free shipping across the board for all products.

Flat Rate Shipping: allows you to setup various flat rates that can be applied to products, see below.

Wix Stores Shipping Options - Flat Rates

Rate by Price: this Wix Stores Shipping Option allows you to setup flat rates based on the price of the order, see below:

Wix Stores Shipping Options - Rate by Price

Store Pickup Only: this Wix Stores Shipping Option applies to all products in the store, so that people are only ordering for pickup, no shipping options given. Note: you can also add "Store Pickup" to any of the above options as well, so you can have both shipping options and pickup options if desired. You can setup the address for pickup. You can also rename the Pickup Title to be more specific (or even name it, "Delivery Cost TBD" for example, if you are selling odd sized products like furniture that are impossible to calculate shipping for). You can also add more details to give more information to your customer, such as “Call us to schedule Curbside Pickup at 555.555.5555”

Wix Stores Taxes: Another thing online stores have to take into consideration for online stores is sales taxes. If you are selling products, then you need to at least collect sales tax for customers who share the same tax area (State, city, county) as your business. You can setup a flat rate for each state you have your business in (see first screenshot below), or, you can also use Avalara to calculate taxes based on zip codes for more accurate tax calculation. This is currently free on Wix – and is in beta – but I assume they will charge for this down the road. I have several clients using Avalara as it does do better tax calculation than just charging a flat percentage across the state.

Wix Stores Taxes

Avalara makes sure your tax is calculated based on up-to-date tax rules, and if you upgrade your plan it will provide detailed tax reports and assistance so you don’t have to calculate your store's taxes yourself.

Wix Stores and Avalara for Taxes