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Wix Website Social Preview Image

Wix Websites on Social Media – The Facebook Share Image

As a Wix Website Designer, I often get this question from clients or potential customers: "How can I customize my social preview image that shows up in Facebook when I share my website?"

When you share your Wix website on Facebook and other social media channels, it will use a "Social Share Image" as a preview image. By default it will simply take a random image from your page, so if you want to control this or even use a screenshot of your website rather than just an image, you need to setup the Facebook Share Image.

This Facebook Share Image is located in your Social settings in Wix.

1. To find this, to go to your Wix editor

2. In Top menu, find: Site > Site Manager

3. In Site Manager, click on Social tab

4. Upload your own custom image. The image should be sized at: 560 X 292 pixels, which is the size that images are displayed on mobile (on desktop, they are displayed at 400 X 209 pixels).

See my screenshots and video below to see quickly where you can add your social preview image on a Wix website:

Wix Website Social Preview Image

Last step:

Facebook Debugger

If you upload a new image and you want to ask Facebook to re-scrape the page to get the new social image to appear, use this handy tool – sometimes it takes a few minutes or several "scrape agains" to get the new image to appear.


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