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Wix SEO Expert

Wix SEO Expert

As a Wix SEO Expert, I think that Wix does remarkably well with SEO. In fact, both of my Wix-built websites are doing quite well at the top or near the top for a variety of search terms – such as "Wix Designer" or "SEO Hero" or "Infographic Designer." I get a ton of leads from my website every day.

But, it seemed that a lot of the online world looked down on Wix for SEO, and said it could not do well against Wordpress or other platforms. I didn't find this to be true with my Wix-built websites, and would argue that Wix WAS good at SEO, but it was hard to prove. So, when Wix announced it's SEO Hero Contest, I thought: what better way to test out Wix against all the SEO companies out there who were competing for the $50,000 prize. To enter the contest, anyone could launch a brand new website at a brand new domain to submit into the contest, with the goal to get this new website to the highest ranking on Google for the search term "SEO Hero". With $50K on the table, of course there were hundreds if not thousands of competitors in the running, including SEO companies from around the world building on Wordpress and other custom platforms. I simply used Wix for my platform, and designed an in-depth SEO Hero tool kit to teach my clients and anyone how to become their own SEO Hero. The site did quite well, and, while it didn't win the $50K prize, Wix did give it an honorable mention – AND – it has continued to rise and is now (today) at number 1 in Google for SEO Hero. So it's even beating the winner of the contest,, who built a custom keyword resarch tool called "SEO Hero." Genius. But, I bet he spent a lot more time on his site than I did on mine, and, since SEO is a long distance race, I feel like my site is the winner having gotten to the top! It's been in the #2-3 ranking for the past year, it varies weekly, but it's always in the top 3! And, my other website also ranks high for the SEO Hero contest (in fact, it beat everyone else during the contest, but, because it was an older site, it did not qualify to enter the contest.)

Wix SEO Expert

So the long and short of it is – YES, Wix IS GREAT for SEO if you use it right.

My Wix Designer & SEO Experience:

As a long-time Website Designer, I've worked in tons of different website platforms over the years – everything from building websites from scratch using Dreamweaver and Flash, to Wordpress, to Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, you name it. The game changed when mobile and tablet surfing become mainstream, as all of these platforms now had to be coded to flex and look great on hundreds of different devices, let alone all the different browser types. I was doing a lot of Wordpress design for many years, and it was an ongoing battle to design custom themes that looked great on every device.

Then along came Wix, I first tried for a client,, who we were originally going to put on Wordpress, but then I decided to try out Wix, whom my husband and print production artist Todd, had recommended to check out (because his friend used Wix for his band). I tried it and instantly fell in love. I was able to build out the website homepage in an afternoon, and then proceeded to build out the rest of the pages over the next week. I didn't have to spend ANY time coding, so it saved a HUGE amount of time. I was able to take my Photoshop design and put it into the Wix system in a quarter of the time it would take to do the same thing as a Wordpress site. It seemed to good to be true. Sure, it has some limitations, but Wix's team is always improving and adding to the platform so it gets better every day.

I absolutely love the Wix platform, and have been putting most of my client websites on it – because it's so easy to use, easy to design in, and allows me to offer beautiful, mobile-friendly websites at a better price than I could ever offer a Wordpress website design for, WP takes so much time to design customer sites, it's out of budget for many of my small business clients. So Wix has allowed me to design more websites in less time, and, I might add, I think they're WAY better websites than Wordpress as we can design each and every page exactly the way we want it. There are no design limitations in Wix!

Wix SEO Expert - I am a SEO Hero!

Plus, as a result of the SEO Hero contest, I can now prove that Wix IS great at SEO, you just know how to use it right to get to the top of Google and other search engines.

SEO is not about the platform, it's more about how you use it. Wix, just like Wordpress and other platforms, can get to the top of Google if you build lots of useful content and optimize all of your pages correctly.

Let me know if you're want help from a Wix SEO Expert, I love working with small businesses!


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