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Wix Pricing

As a Wix Website Designer, I wanted to share some information for my clients regarding Wix Pricing in 2021. Most clients can use the Unlimited or Combo plans (see pricing lower below), which include everything needed for a beautiful, informational site with simple contact forms, a blog, and as many pages as desired. Often Wix has sales, so if you wait a week you can get a discount off your first year, it's worth the wait to save 40-50%!

Best Wix Websites: Garden Magazine Website

While Wix offers an amazing website editor, it is still a challenge to get a website started. If you're not a designer, the editor can be difficult to understand all that you can do with the platform, and to get your website looking and working just right.

Yes, Wix is super easy to use to edit websites, but, as with all software programs, there IS a learning curve to learning how to build a website properly on Wix, and it helps to spend some time learning how to work in Wix with tutorials or training, or many businesses decide to hire an expert Wix Designer to design and setup the website initially.

Best Wix Websites: Solar Company Website

We work with many clients where we design the website completely, working with the client to get feedback and suggestions to finalize the Wix Website Design. Once the website is fully designed, we then offer Wix Training for the client to show them how to use their website to make edits and keep it updated over time.

View some of our Best Wix Websites to see some of our recent work.

Wix Pricing:

The Unlimited or Combo plans work for most clients:

Wix Pricing 2021

If ecommerce or online payments are needed, a Business or Ecommerce plan is needed, which is the next step of pricing, below. Most clients can use Business Basic or Business Unlimited plans.

Wix Pricing June 2021

*these are June 2021 price charts, subject to change. Wix seems to raise it's prices slightly each year, so check their website for the latest pricing.

Not sure which Wix Pricing is Best for Your Needs?

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate and recommendation for which Wix hosting plan works best for your needs.

Last Note: I think the Wix pricing is very reasonable, you get a million-dollar website editor for about the same cost as a regular hosted website on other platforms. Plus, Wix websites are TOTALLY FREE if you don't want to tie a domain to the website, and if you don't mind the Wix branding on the pages. I suggest this for friends such as artists who do not currently have the budget for ongoing website fees. This saves roughly $140+ a year, so it makes sense if money is tight! It's amazing that Wix offers a completely free website (albeit, you have to use the Wix domain they provide, for example, my friend's Ocean Conservation Art website: but this is still totally free. You can access their amazing Wix Website Editor without paying a penny. This unlimited free trial is also nice as you can build out your entire website to see if you like it before paying for hosting and launching live to your domain. Note: the free plan does not allow for ecommerce or online payments, but you can build out a portfolio or informational site with no problem.

Happy Wixing!


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