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Wix Website Image cutoff on Tablets & Mobile

Question: Hoping you can help me with my issue on images on my Wix website. I have a screenshot JPG of an Excel sheet chart. I upload the JPG then fit it into the space I have designed for it. Now I'm working on my desktop pc with a 24in monitor, the img looks fine, publish > looking good. I then go to my ipad to check it out and the image is cropped off cause its too big, I then take a look on my iphone and same issue its too big. Is there a setting that Im missing in Wix so that the image adjusts proportionally to the device being used? Is there I certain size I should adjust the image to in the screenshot software that I use (SnagIt) before saving it as a jpg? Hope you can help. Thank you!


You have a couple options to fix your image so that it is not cropped off on any devices.

  1. If you are just inserting an image on a page (not in a gallery), you must keep the image between the two dotted Gridlines on the left and right – see screenshot above – which are there to guide you to keep images within the live area of tablets or smaller browser windows. If you have images that go outside of these doted Gridlines, then that image may be cut off on smaller devices such as tablets. For mobile, make sure to use the Mobile Editor and make sure your image is also not getting cut off on the sides of the screen. Keep in mind that spreadsheets as an image is going to be quite small on mobile as they can only be about 320 pixels wide.

  2. For a flexing 100% image, you could put your image into a Pro Gallery instead, using the full width gallery with one image. See video below to learn how to set this up.

Also be sure to check the mobile editor to make sure it’s sized right there. On mobile obviously it will be a lot smaller but you can keep it from cropping either by sizing the image in the mobile editor, or using a full width pro gallery.


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