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Wix Expert

Wix Expert

Wix just released these new Wix Official Expert Badges to us Wix Experts to use. I love being a Wix Expert because Wix is my favorite platform. I can easily design beautiful, functional websites that are easy to use, easy to edit, have great SEO features, and my clients love it! I've designed hundreds of Wix sites over the years, and while I do work in other platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify, hands down my favorite platform to work in is Wix. That's because it's so easy to design right in the platform, and you don't have to make design compromises or spend hours coding something and realizing you don't even like the look of it or it doesn't work right. Wix allows me to offer better, easier to update websites to my clients within budget. And that makes me happy and my clients happy, so it's a win-win!

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