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Wix Designer: Why I love Wix, Reason #101

As a Wix Website Designer, I have hundreds of reasons that I love the Wix platform for designing my clients' websites. One small reason that I love Wix is the ability to upload our own fonts. Often, my clients have branding standards that specify fonts that may not come standard in Wix's extensive list of fonts, but luckily, they make it super easy to upload your own fonts!

Wix Designer: Why I love Wix, Reason #101 - Upload your own Fonts

In Wix, it's easy to upload fonts in TTF, OTF, WOFF2 or WOFF formats. The font does not have to be a web font as Wix converts it to a web font.

Now, keep in mind, on websites, fonts may look a little different than in design programs (they may look thicker or thinner.) You also need to upload the font variants (italics, bold, weights, etc) in order to use the bolded or italicized versions of the fonts. Also, you don't want to go crazy uploading tons of custom fonts to your site, or use too many fonts on any page as this can slow down the loading time. Fonts do not transfer with Websites: As a Wix Designer, sometimes I will transfer sites to my client's accounts when finished (although most often I like to build the sites in my client's account to avoid problems with fonts, site members, databases, contact form submissions, or media transferring completely). So if you do this – keep in mind that when you transfer a site to another Wix account, any fonts that you have uploaded will work and be displayed correctly in the secondary account. The text with the uploaded font can be edited freely in the secondary account, however, you will not see the uploaded font in the Fonts drop-down menu inside the Editor in the secondary account. It is only displayed in the primary account in the Fonts drop-down menu. Here's a solution from Wix:

  • To use an uploaded font in a secondary account after transferring a site:

    • Copy the text which already has the uploaded font applied to it by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on Mac).

    • Double-click a new or existing text box, click where you want the text to be pasted and press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on Mac).

Wix Designer: Why I love Wix - Best Wix Websites

View some of our Best Wix Websites to see the full range of how Wix websites can be designed, we use custom fonts often for many clients.

Looking for an expert Wix Website Designer?

Happy Wixing!


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