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Wix Designer Tip: Switching out Lightboxes on Homepage

Here are some tips on how to use Lightbox popups on your Wix website. I am not a huge fan of automatic popups, so I recommend to rarely use these as automatic popups, if at all. The best use of a Lightbox in my opinion is to open up a form/video/information in a popup after the user clicks on a button. If you are using an automated popup, keep it simple and if you can, have it popup on the side of the page so that your viewers can still see the site and navigate to what they are looking for. Here are some tips to turn Lighboxes on and off or to swap out different lightbox popups over time, keeping the old Lightbox popups in case you want to reuse them later:

I ran into a client with a problem that she couldn't swap out Lightboxes without deleting the first one as the Lightbox settings wouldn't allow her to choose another lightbox even after she thought she turned it off from the page. The solution to changing a lightbox on any page – is that first the page needs to be “unchecked” in the Choose Pages panel of the Lighbox Settings, just clicking on “No” under “Automatically display lightbox on pages” will not release the checked pages from blocking other lightboxes from the page. Who would have thought?!

So, Under "Automatically display lightbox on pages", select "Yes" and first make sure to uncheck the pages under "Which Pages is it on" – this will clear the page to allow for another lightbox to be placed on it. If you don't uncheck the page you want to add another Lightbox popup on, then Wix will block you from selecting that page with another lightbox, so this is a crucial step. You can leave “Yes” on if desired, because if you don’t have any pages checked, it won’t popup anyway, so it’s the same as clicking No. Wix should fix this so that the No overrides the checked pages under Yes. I spoke with Wix phone support who helped me figure out this issue, and he said he’d have them look into fixing this. So glad he knew the answer to the problem!

Here are some other general tips on lightboxes:

Happy Wixing!


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