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Wix Blog - Change Background Color in Editor

Wix Blog - Change Background Color in Editor

As a Wix Website Designer, I sometimes run into small issues and I like to share the fixes/workarounds as I discover them! Recently, I had a client website that had a black background, so the text is white – and for some reason, the Wix Blog Post Editor was showing a white background, so it's very hard to edit as the text is white on a white background. The background in the post editor was previously black. Simple Fix from Wix Support: I wrote Wix Support, and Michael helped me out. The blog post design for this background was set to Zero for opacity, and this also is the same background used in the post editor. Once adjusted to have the background color at 100%, this fixes the white-on-white issue in the post editor. I'm just leaving this here in case any of you experience the same issue!

Wix Blog - Change Background Color in Editor - Wix Support Fix

Here is the editor with the 100% black background now, so I can easily read and edit the white text. Simple fix.

Wix Blog - Change Background Color in Editor - Wix Designer Tip


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Morgan Chambers
Morgan Chambers
Apr 11, 2021

Wix blog is a very cheap and tenuous application. My text often comes up with a highlight which I do not want and did not ask for. Then, I must go line by line, piece by piece, until it is fixed. I have better things to do!

Why is the background always black. This is a bit morbid I think. We need to be able to set up a normal white background so we can use colored font and such. I give wix an "F" for everything I have ever tried to do with it.


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