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Wix Announces Wix Code


Today WixLive had a live video aired to make some new announcements on July 27, 2017 via: You can watch the video again on Facebook here » But if you're short on time, here's my overview of what they discussed:

Wix CEO and CO-FOUNDER Avishai Abrahami with MC James Veitch talk about Wix's latest innovation – WIX CODE – "Creation Without Limits."

It seems that Wix has heard the web design and developer community's gripes about the limitations of Wix, and has announced WIX CODE – a revolutionary change for Wix which allows for custom code to be used and integrated on Wix websites. They kind of blew my mind – this is developer-heavy stuff, and requires coding knowledge to use, so it will be an amazing addition to their easy-to-use WYSIWYG website editor that has made them famous.

This means that we'll be able to integrate and build Wix websites to do way more than they've ever been done before, such as setting up databases and integrating any API. Wix says that you could really build anything, way faster than ever before.

WixCode Project Manager, Evau, explained a lot of how the behind the scenes about how the coding platform works. He says we can now build anything, even a full blow application right into any Wix website. It's a simple as drag and drop, Change a line of code and you're done!

Here's a beta view of the Wix Code interface:

Wix Code Interface

The Most Advanced Cloud Application Platform

Wix has combined their famously easy-to-use Wix editor and the graphics editing interface and added on top a new way that developers and designers can embed and integrate code and APIs. right into Wix websites.

Wix Code Development by Wix Designer

Below are some of the WixCode features they reviewed:

SEO Grid – this will make it easier to get the website shown by customizing SEO settings. throughout the website.

Content Manager – normally when someone uploads an image, you have to scale it to adjust for all different display sizes. In WixCode's Content Manager this all happens automatically.

Database Collection Functionality – Setup database collections that allow you to build custom forms and databases that can be used by users to submit forms and store their info in the database. You can even setup a workflow to allow admins to change "actions" or "tasks" on submissions to put it through WixCode's Business Logic Admin approval process (like pending, under review, approved, etc).

Connect Image – It sounds like you can create an endless number of data-driven pages with images without having to write a single line of code. You can setup interactions too, by setting up collections to allow to have view count, vote count fields, and many more by choosing from a selection provided by the WixCode platform. You can even make objects clickable (onclick, onmouseover, and other functions).

The interface reminds me of my coding days using Dreamweaver, as WixCode suggests and provides lots of code of snippet and helps you build your code out in a visual code editor. They've mixed the great tools of the Wix editor with Javascript functionality.

Call APIs that are out there on the Internet:

Tie into email server APIs to do things like "emailing" an email upon a vote for an image.

Or, you could setup an attendance system for a school to allow students to checkin when they arrive.

Business Applications:

It opens Wix to so many more things you can do with it. If you just