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Wix - Adding Videos

As a Wix Website Designer, I offer Wix training zia Zoom and through tutorial videos for my clients. Here are my top tips on adding videos to your Wix website in a variety of ways.

There are plenty of ways to embed video on your Wix Website. You can embed YouTube videos in Wix, as well as Vimeo, Facebook videos, or even upload your own videos.

In Wix, you can add videos to galleries, or as page backgrounds strip backgrounds to fill the screen (silent). You can also add videos to popup lightbox windows, or in a slideshow. In the video above I show a few of these options on how you can add videos to your Wix website.

Wix Upload Video Format:

In Wix you can upload all popular video formats (Mov, Quicktime, AVI, MP4). Your video is automatically transcoded into MPEG4 (containing H.264 codec) and WEBM formats.  Best Wix Video settings: 

  • Compression Type: H.264

  • Frame Rate: 30 is preferred. 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 are also acceptable

  • Data Rate: Automatic

  • Key Frames: Automatic

  • Frame Reordering: Unchecked

  • Wix Maximum Video Size: 15GB - Wix Video supports videos that are between 480x470 pixels to 1920x1080 pixels. The size limit for video files is 15GB per file. Once uploaded, your video is automatically transcoded into MPEG4 (containing the H. 264 codec). Total video storage size on Wix depends on your Wix hosting plan

Can I add YouTube videos to Wix? Yes!

Upload Videos to YouTube or Vimeo to use on Wix:

If you upload your videos to YouTube, it takes pretty much any video format or size, and Wix makes it super easy to embed YouTube videos on any page or post, no code needed. One benefit to uploading to YouTube or Vimeo is that you have unlimited storage there, whereas Wix limits you to a certain number of hours or GB depending on your Wix hosting plan. So you can use YouTube or Vimeo if you have a lot of videos, as they do create big files!

Can I sell videos on my Wix website?

Yes, in Wix you can sell your videos to viewers and you can choose the price to charge them and they can also choose from unlimited streaming, or to just rent the video for your desired period of time. You do have to have a Wix premium plan that allows for payments, and processing fees for the payments do apply (standard 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction is the going rate these days).

How many videos can I add on Wix?

You can add as many videos to your Wix channel as you want from various sources such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. However, if you are uploading your videos to Wix directly, the size limit for video files is 15GB per video file, and the total video storage size on Wix depends on your Wix hosting plan.

Wix Video hours vs. site storage

In Wix, your video hours are completely separate from your site storage. They are specific to Wix Video. The amount of video time you have is based on whether your site is a free site or you have a Premium plan.

Your storage space is connected to your internal storage capacity, i.e. how much you can store on your site. Your site files are located in your site Media Manager, as well as product-specific Media Managers on your site.

Using Wix Video for free

Upload and showcase your videos on your site with Wix Video. When using Wix Video for free, you can upload up to 30 minutes of video (10 minutes maximum per video) and stream up to 10 minutes of live video. 

Wix Video Analytics and reports:

Explore trends in video engagement and visitor behavior on your site by accessing analytics reports on your video content.

Upgrade to Premium Wix Hosting Plans for more Video Storage:

Need more video time? Upgrade to a Wix Premium plan and increase your video hours. The number of hours you get depends on the plan that you choose.

Wix Editor: Premium Plan

Video Hours


30 minutes


5 hours


10 hours

Business Elite & Higher Plans

Unlimited video hours

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