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Will AI replace designers?

It is my belief that AI is a tool that designers can use. Is it a full solution? Will it replace website designers? No. AI will aid and enhance the work of creatives, rather than replace them. Afterall, To replace creatives with AI, humans will need to accurately describe what they really want.

We’re safe. 😂.

Wix, Shutterstock, Adobe and other creative tools are starting to use AI in their products. I've dabbled with some of these tools, and they are far from perfect. It's a starting point, but not a final solution. I believe that good designers can use AI to assist in design, but is it the end-all solution? Nope, humans are irreplaceable when it comes to original ideas and design. So am I worried about AI? Nope. I do hope the AI tools get better with time and training, I'd love some assistance to make things faster. One "AI" function I already love in Wix is their Photo Editor's clip-out tool – it really works pretty well and quickly, too, much faster than Photoshop. I still haven't found a perfect way to clip things out in Photoshop with a click on of an "AI" or otherwise button. I usually have to use a combination of tools to get the clipping path looking it's best on objects.

We'll see what time-saving tools AI will be bringing us, I'm sure it will improve. Though I can't say the smart phone's auto-correct "AI" is working very well yet. At all. haha! Can't beat humans. Yet.

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