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Website Designers Love Wix

I just wanted to share some more recent articles about why Website Designers Love Wix! I've been writing about Wix for several years in hope to dispel the common myth that Wix isn't good for professionally designed websites. Many Advertising Agencies and SEO Companies who aren't that familiar with the Wix platform say that it isn't cut out for professional websites for businesses – but they couldn't be more wrong. Wix is chock-full of amazing features, including the best Website Editor in the business (Wix is WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get), and great SEO features that help you get to the top of the search engines. Because Wix is so easy to use, my clients absolutely LOVE it, and I love designing in it. I include Wix training with all my website designs, because it's very easy to teach clients how to use their own website so they can keep it updated, add blog posts, add photos and new pages over time without having to call me everytime they have a small change. This is very different from Wordpress and other platforms, that most of my clients get frustrated with due to the difficulty of editing, and as a result they also let get outdated over time.

As another fellow website design firm, Ulster Studios, says: "We prefer Wix because most businesses overestimate their ability to maintain and update their websites. Wix is the superior user-friendly solution. Coders come and go. Before you know it, that expensive coded or WordPress website gets put on the back-burner. Now you've got an expensive, non-functioning site that not only isn't helping your business grow, it's hurting it. With Wix, the editor is as simple to use and learn as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint so its the easiest solution to maintain. This is important, especially for startups and small businesses when money can be tight and they can't afford to pay someone for updates and maintenance." Read more of their great article on Why We Use Wix »

Below is another great article about Wix being the best website builder for small businesses:

Brett Haralson who works at Wix brought this article to my attention, as the writers had interviewed me sometime ago and mention me in the article. This is a great read that talks about the strengths and weaknesses of platforms, and why Wix is the clear leader: