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Top Wix Tips

As an expert Wix Designer, I love to share tips! Here are my top Wix tips for some great (but somewhat hidden) tools in Wix to make your Wix Website Design come along easier:

In this video above I show you (more than) three of my favorite tools in Wix. These helpful Wix tools that I use all the time that are kind of hidden, but will come in very handy for other designers and people using Wix.

Top Wix Tip #1: Y Coordinates on Toolbar

If you have a very long page that scrolls down for some distance, when you duplicate (Command-D on Mac) an item or a strip or a section, Wix will put it into the next available spot, way down near the bottom of the page. But that's not where you want it, you want right underneath the item you duplicated. This is when Y Coordinates on the Toolbar are very helpful. So if I want to find out where I want to place something, you can look at the Y coordinate number on the toolbar that will show you where the item is in the vertical placement of the page. You can determine the Y coordinates based on existing items, and then use that same Y Coordinate on the new element to pull it up to the spot on the page desired. This way you don't have to click and drag, and scroll up and up and up to get something to the top of the page. This is a really good Wix tool, the Y coordinates on your toolbar. It is very handy to have because you can move things very quickly up to the top of the page or in the middle of the page, depending on where you are. You can always manually move it into the exact spot on the page once you get it in the general vicinity.

Top Wix Tip #2:

Width & Height on Toolbar

Another really great tool in Wix on this same toolbar is the width and the height tool. Often times I create multiple text boxes or elements so that I can break them into columns. Having separate text boxes also helps with mobile view because we can move them around and have more control of them if all in one text box. like the headline separate from the subhead separate from these paragraphs. But sometimes you create multiple elements and you might get your boxes misaligned or they're not the same size or width. You can view all of that info in the Width (W) and Height (H) fields on the Toolbar. You can check their their Y coordinate placement to make sure that they're at the same level.

Another great Width & Height coordinates use is if you have several text boxes, images or elements that you want them to be all the same size. Well, you can click on the Width or Height field to highlight the number, then if you click on another item it will automatically resize it to the same width you had selected on the previous item. This comes in handy to quickly size multiple objects consistently.

Top Wix Tip #3:

Wix Image Editor / Photo Studio

Another hidden feature of Wix that I really love too is the the Photo Studio editor tool. If I click on any image I can access this editor by clicking on the "Edit Image" tool. One great feature of the editor is the cut out tool. For example, if a logo has a white box around it because it's a JPEG and I don't want to have that white box, I can use the Cut Out tool to quickly remove the white background so it is transparent. You can also modify the cut out transparency if desired. Dont' worry, once you save the new image it does NOT replace your current image, so you'll have both to work with going forward.

With the cut out transparent PNG images in the Wix Media Library, it may be hard to see if it's transparent until you put it on the page. Wix does show a light blue background on transparent parts of images in the library, to imply that it's transparent, but it's a bit hard to see until you place it on the page.

Top Wix Tip #4:

Using the Wix Studio Editor to relocate & access images

Another great reason to resize or edit images is if you're using an image on the page but you have hundreds of images in your media library and you cannot find the one you're using – but you want to edit it or reuse it somewhere. One downside to Wix is that if I click here on change image, it doesn't show me what image I'm using currently. And, if I don't have my images filenames with something I can easily search, it can be very difficult to find the image. Even worse, if you are using free images from Unsplash or Media from Wix, they're not even in your site files to find! To get them into your site files area of the library, by simply editing them you can get that image into the top of your media library so you can find it and reuse it in a new spot or edit it. So sometimes I will click on "Edit Image" so that I can make just a very subtle adjustment to it or I can crop it just one pixel for example, or brighten it a bit, and then save it. When I click on save, this will create a new version of that image and put it into the top of my media library. So now I can find it and now I can name it and all that. Again, this is a good time to rename your image to be whatever you want it to be. And you can also use the Wix Image Editor for a lot of other tools such as cropping, or you can use a filter to run an effect on it. They have some pretty nice filters, and there's also some Photoshop-like sliders that allow you to increase contrast and do different effects with the image. You can choose a black and white high contrast newspaper look with the filters, for example. Or there is the "Auto Enhance" tool that works like AI where it, it evaluates the picture and decides how best to improve it, This sometimes improves it, sometimes not, but it's worth it to check it out.

Top Wix Tip #5:

Color Overlays on Background or Strip Photos

Want to do a color overlay on a background image? You can click on Settings on strip or section/page backgrounds and then use a background color and the image transparency sliders to apply a nice color overlay (or underlay) on any background images.


There you have it! Now you know about some of my favorite hidden tools and tips in Wix. For more Wix tips, check out my Wix Designer Blog » Happy Wixing!


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