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Shipstation and Wix - Orders Not Showing Up? Here's the Fix.

Shipstation and Wix - Reload Orders to See Them

I have a client that we have setup with Wix Stores. We had connected ShipStation to the Wix Store, however, the orders were not showing up on the ShipStation end automatically (the screen was showing No Orders). We thought maybe there was something wrong as Shipstation showed the Wix account connected, but the Orders page said "You have no orders Awaiting Shipment."

So I reached out and chatted with Shipstation chat support, and they said to click on the “Reload” link on the order page – so I clicked on the reload link at the top of the page. Then the orders showed up! Apparently Shipstation is not set to auto-reload by default. Their chat support rep walked me through how to change the settings so it does auto-update (see screenshot and directions below). Auto-load Wix Orders into ShipStation: Settings (Wrench Icon) > Selling Channels > Store Setup > Edit Next to Wix then you will see the option 'have store update automatically' See screenshot below. Note: But even if it is set to update automatically, they also said the system can take an hour or two to refresh sometimes so it’s best to just Reload the Orders page to be sure you have the most up to date list.

Here is where ShipStation shows the Wix Stores connection:

Shipstation and Wix - Connecting Wix to Shipstation

I am a Wix Designer and I am always learning new things about Wix – and when I stumble upon a fix like this, I want to share it with other Wix designers and users so they can find a solution quickly. This was such a simple fix, but it took several emails to Wix support and then to Shipstation before figuring out the solution. Hopefully Shipstation will set it to auto-update by default in the future (it sure would save them a lot of support time!) Happy Wixing!


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