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Remove Facebook Reviews

I had a website design client who is not on Facebook much, and just recently found out she had a negative review on Facebook that she was unaware of. Since she doesn't use Facebook, she wanted to remove the Reviews entirely off of Facebook so she doesn't need to monitor them. We kept her Facebook page to continue to help her get found online as it does have a link to her website, however, but were able to remove the Reviews tab so no one could submit a review of her business on Facebook unknown to her. I found some old tutorials on how to do this, but Facebook must have moved the settings. So here are the current directions for 2022:

To remove Reviews on Facebook:

  1. Login and navigate to your Facebook Business page

  2. Click on the "More" icon under your main business page title which will expand, and click on "Edit tabs"

  3. In the Settings window, click on "Templates and Tabs"

  4. Scroll down to see the Reviews tab, and toggle it to off (turns grey when off)

  5. That's it!

Note: Turning the Reviews Tab off will remove Reviews entirely from your Facebook business page, both positive and negative reviews, and no one will be able to review you on Facebook as long as it's turned off. If you do not wish do to this, leave the Reviews tab on.


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