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Photoshop Brush Lag - Fix!

As a Graphic Designer and Website Designer, I use Adobe Photoshop a lot. I just figured a problem out so I wanted to share this fix I found for brush lag. Do you have a lag in your Photoshop brushes? It could be the Smoothing setting – set your Smoothing setting to 10% or less and the brush behaves like it should. For some reason, Adobe has it set at 100% by default in my version of Photoshop 20.0.6 on my Mac. What a simple fix, wish I had known this 6 months ago!!

I had contacted Adobe and they said to reinstall my software, which, of course, did NOT fix the issue. I was avoiding using brushes because of the delay! Someone just commented on my other YouTube video about this problem, with this tip about turning down the Smoothing, which instantly cured the brush delay. Finally! P.S. The image in this video shows graphics for artist Dennis Pendleton's Watercolor Tutorials. Check out his beautiful work and learn about his watercolor classes at:


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