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OCR Image to Text

Do you have an image with text in it that you want to convert to text that can be copied or edited? Use this free easy OCR browser tool to convert your scanned images or pdfs into text.

What does OCR stands for? Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process that converts an image with text into a machine-readable text format that can be edited and copied and pasted as desired. is a great free tool that quickly converts images to text that you can copy and paste into any document, website or email. You can even download the text in Microsoft Word, Excel or Plain Text documents. Disregard the annoying banner ad popups, while it looks a little junky it still works and that's how this free tool helps pay their website hosting bills, I'm sure!

As a Website Designer and Graphic Designer, I often have clients provide me text in a scanned document or a PDF that has image-based bitmapped text (such as from an old brochure, for example). This free tool allows me to quickly convert the image or PDF into usable text that I can then copy and paste into any design document or website. I love these free tools! Thanks to Google for helping me find this one.

Happy designing!


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