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Google Business Listing – Don't click on the "Website" Tab!

This is a frustrating aspect of Google Business – if you click on the "Website" tab in the Google Business Dashboard (shown above), it automatically creates a new Google website for our business.

Apparently according to Google's Chat support, you cannot delete this website once it's created. The only option is NOT to publish it once it has been created. Google Chat support said that the Google My Business website is not yet published. So this website will not be shown on Google... UNLESS it's published. Here is an example of a site created by Google Business when you click on the "Website" Tab: Unfortunately, this is a big flaw in the Google Business dashboard, they should remove this auto-creation or that vague "Website" tab that doesn't indicate it will automatically start creating a website until you click on it, and then it's too late. Then, forevermore, the gmail account associated with the Business Listing will get reminders to publish the site, which is confusing! To reach out to Google Chat support to get enough people expressing this need for change, go here:

Here, too, is a Google Forum post about this topic with lots of others who've run into the same issue:

Hope they fix this soon!