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eCommerce Production Artist

If you're looking for an eCommerce Production Artist to help you upload product descriptions and images to your website, or to help with Photoshopping images to isolate / clip out products to put on white, colored or textured backgrounds, we can help!

eCommerce Production Artist

In addition to being Website Designers, we offer Ecommerce Production Artist services to help make your online store shine.

Ecommerce Production Artist for Online Stores like this Nashville Kitchen Store

Store owners are often overwhelmed with customer support and fullfilling orders, so often times getting new products added gets put on the backburner, but it's important to have lots of new items added to online stores regularly to keep the stock fresh and new if possible. We can help online stores to add new products and help get images optimized and looking good to go onto the website.

eCommerce Production Artist

What does an Ecommerce Production Artist do? We can help acquire raw imagery from photographers or retailers, and use Photoshop to edit, retouch, and enrich with additional metadata and SEO-friendly file names. Then we can publish products to any eCommerce catalog, adding tags, keywords, formatting product descriptions, setting up color options and SEO friendly product names if desired.

With an eye for detail, we'll make sure everything is done right so that your online ecommerce store is filled with products to sell. We can help get your product catalog online, here are some of our Ecommerce Production Artist Services:

  • Acquire images from vendors

  • Edit, isolate/clip out and retouch images to meet brand standards

  • Add graphics or colors to products

  • Product color correction

  • Publish assets to ecommerce catalogs

  • Optimize images and products for SEO

Whether you're looking for a Ecommerce Production Artist or if you need help with your Online Store Website Design, Logo Design, or Graphic Design – we can help.

Contact us today for a free estimate for your online store needs.


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