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Why Wix is a Good Choice

I've been a website designer for over 15 years, and I've been a Wix Designer for over five years, and I really do love Wix – I think it's a great platform for Website Designers as it's so easy to use, you can design right into the working webpages instead of designing first in Photoshop and then rebuilding it – so that's a huge bonus. It also doesn't require a lot of coding, which saves time and let's me offer website design to my clients at a lower cost. It's also easy to make design adjustments, so design changes are less costly. Most importantly, I offer Wix training to my clients on how to use their Wix designed website, so they can make most or all of their ongoing edits and updates on their own. I love that, because, while I don't mind making edits/udpates, I have so much work designing new sites, I love to be able to give clients the keys to their own website so they can update it however and whenever they'd like.

Wix just released a great little PDF that explains Why Wix is the Right Choice for Your Website, check it out, I thought it was a great read and has some great examples of why Wix is a great choice for most business website needs: Why Use Wix?