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Wix Rollovers are here!

Update November 9, 2017: Yes, you heard me right, Wix has finally released the Hoverbox to all Wix editors! This means this fun tool is no longer available to Wix beta testers like me, it's now available in all Wix editors! Thank you so much Wix Wizards! This is an early Christmas present! I know all of my website design clients will love having some interactive rollover features to spice up their Wix websites.

Wix's new tool, the Hoverbox, is a rollover button tool that allows you to include images that change upon rollover, and even animate with simple animation effects in the Wix editor, or you can embed video, animated gifs, or even sound for the rollover instance. As a Wix Designer, I am super excited about this new feature as it will allow us to have more engaging interactive rollover effects – kind of like what I used to do using Flash back in the day! Check out my examples of of Wix Hoverbox Rollovers here »

Wix Rollovers - the Hoverbox