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Wix Design Wish List: SSL Secure websites

2021 Update: Wix has had SSL in place now for several years, it comes standard with every Wix hosted website. Which is great, because you need to have a https:// secured domain in order for Google to rank you well, and to avoid users getting security errors when visiting the website.

How long does a Wix SSL certificate take?

Keep in mind, when a Wix website is launched by connecting your domain, the SSL certificate that makes your website secure at a https:// domain typically takes up to 48 hours to propagate.

I thought I would use my Wix blog to list my most wanted Wix features. Wix is great about adding new features regularly, such as the newly added and long awaited "smart urls" which allow us to fully customize the domain url of each page. Another long awaited feature that comes standard on every other website hosting service is the ability to add a SSL certificate to Wix websites. currently this is not available on Wix. This means that collecting any form information through Wix websites is not fully secure. While the Wix Store has SSL protection on the payment pages (the ecommerce platform takes users to a ssl area outside of the main website domain in the checkout pages), the regular Wix contact forms are not secured by ssl. This also means that any third party form tools, such as Jotform, if embedded on a Wix website will not be secured by a ssl (https://) domain. This doesn't give users a secure experience, so I hope that Wix adds this as an addon feature to their hosting very soon.