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McAfee Wix Website Warnings

I build a lot of websites on the Wix platform, and it has come to my attention that the Wix websites are getting identified by the McAfee software as having Minimal Risk – so when users search on Google using Internet Explorer on their PCs, they see a small warning yellow triangle with an Exclamation point next to their website's Google listing (see screenshot examples and key).

The websites are all purely informational site with information, so they should not pose any risk. It appears that McAfee identifies all Wix websites as having Minimal Risk by default, though I'm not certain what is causing this. I find this odd, as I've been moving clients away from Wordpress due to it's constant security risks, as Wix is a much more stable closed platform that I have never seen hacked (whereas Wordpress sites are hacked regularily).

McAfee does have a page that you can submit the website for review here:

I have submitted all of my client websites and have emailed – so I will keep you informed of the progress to find out what options we have to verify Wix websites with McAfee as safe.


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