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Wix Customer Support

April 2017 Update:

While it doesn't appear you can get ahold of anyone at Wix by calling directly, you CAN schedule a call-back from Wix using their online form, here is the direct link to the page with the call back scheduling form – you first will need to pick a topic to expand the Submit a Ticket & Talk to a Support Agent boxes:

Looking to get in touch with Wix's Customer Support team? I came across this info posted by Wix on Facebook, so wanted to share – it's hard to find their phone number on their website, so here you go!

1. Post a ticket or Schedule a phone call through this link:

2. Email

3. Call 1-800-6000-WIX (949) (April 2017 – no longer answering) to have a callback automatically scheduled. We will return the call to the number you called us from in the next available time slot, based on our availability and call volume. (Please note that our call center is located in San Francisco, and is open from 6am to 5pm PST)