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Professional Wix Designer Tips


As a professional Wix Designer, I have come across a lot of tricks for designing and editing in Wix. Here are some tips:

1. Layered Items: If you have an item that you cannot get to be in front or behind another object, just copy the item, cut it / delete it, then paste it. This will help cure any layering issues.

2. Shapes: If you're looking for a cool shape to use as a backdrop or callout, check out Wix's collection of shapes, they're free and easy to insert and customize! To insert, click on the + menu symbol and choose "Shapes & Lines" > "Shape". Once you've found and added your shape on the page, you can select it and click on "Settings" and you'll see where you can change the fill color, the stroke (border) color, and even adjust the transparency of the object. (see screenshot attached to see where the Transparency setting is).

3. Apps: Want your website to feature an appointment calendar tied into your Google calendar? Or do you want to embed social media feeds from multiple sources? Or maybe you want to have a Live Chat room on your site so you can help customers with any questions they may have... Well all of these can be accomplished and so much more with the seemingly unlimited Wix Apps under the App button in the Wix editing menu. Many of the apps are free, though some carry monthly fees for their premium features. Let me know if you would like help finding an app for your website needs.