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Wix Designer Review of Parallax Effect

Wix just added a new feature for background images – with Wix's new parallax scrolling, the background moves at a different speed to the foreground elements, creating depth and simple movement. Make sure to limit the use of this and use it wisely, as it can often be annoying or hard to view images this way.  Scroll down this page to see how it works.


To set your background image to parallax scrolling:


  • Click Background on the top left side of the Editor (top Box icon)

  • Click Settings on the background image preview.

  • Click the toggle next to Parallax to enable or disable parallax scrolling:

• Parallax is disabled.
• Enabled: Parallax is enabled. Select an option:

• Image is fixed: The background image has a fixed position so it will not move when scrolling.

• Image scrolls with site: will scroll as user scrolls down or up.

Wix Designer Review - Parallax Effect
It also works best on longer scrolling pages to get the full effect.
Scroll down to see Parallax effect:
The Wix parallax background moves at a slower speed, making it look 3D.
Parallax scrolling is a technique in web design where background images move slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion.

Selecting the right photo for the Parallax effect is important, not all photos will work well with this effect, so I typically test out several images and modify them to get one that works best with a layout.

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